Softver za kuću i zabavu (32 programs)

За смештање свих ваших кућних потреба, посетите Бесплатно преузмите софтвер за кување, уређење дома, образовање и забаву.

Najčešće preuzimano 2024

Apple Mac OS X El Capitan
Apple’s new OS update with improved features.
Poslednji put ažurirano 2023-09-02
4.7K preuzimanja
Apple Mac OS X Mavericks
Free New Mac Os Update with exciting and intuitive features
Poslednji put ažurirano 2023-08-04
3.3K preuzimanja
Apple Mac OS X Snow Leopard
Improve your Experience with Snow Leopard on Mac OS X
Poslednji put ažurirano 2023-07-16
2.8K preuzimanja
Apple Mac OS X Yosemite
Apple's desktop operating system X 10.10 for Mac computers.
Poslednji put ažurirano 2023-08-04
2.5K preuzimanja
Apple MacOS Sierra
Apple Mac OS Sierra helps you to work more conveniently between Apple devices and Siri makes its debut on Mac OS.
Poslednji put ažurirano 2023-07-28
2.3K preuzimanja
Apple Numbers for Mac
An alternative spreadsheet app to excel.
Poslednji put ažurirano 2023-07-17
1.9K preuzimanja
Apple Boot Camp Support Software FREE for Mac
Download Boot Camp for all your Windows Experience on Mac
Poslednji put ažurirano 2023-07-30
1.7K preuzimanja
Andy OS for Mac
App to run your Android apps easily on your Mac.
Poslednji put ažurirano 2023-08-08
1.6K preuzimanja
OsiriX for Mac
An image processing app with DICOM/PACS support
Poslednji put ažurirano 2023-07-24
1.6K preuzimanja
Apple Mac OS X Lion 10.7.5 Supplemental Update
Update to the new Mac OS X Lion
Poslednji put ažurirano 2023-07-28
1.4K preuzimanja
Check out what you would look like if your life were actually a cartoon.
Poslednji put ažurirano 2023-07-31
1K preuzimanja
Dragon Dictate for Mac
A reliable app for improved speech recognition
Poslednji put ažurirano 2023-08-19
846 preuzimanja
A free, efficient and lightweight comic book reader
Poslednji put ažurirano 2023-07-19
812 preuzimanja
Adobe InDesign CC Update for Mac
Adobe InDesign CC is part of a Creative Cloud that features improved OpenType support and better graphics performance
Poslednji put ažurirano 2023-08-26
624 preuzimanja
Full Deck Solitaire for Mac
Twenty unique but different modes of Solitaire
Poslednji put ažurirano 2023-09-05
578 preuzimanja
Star VPN for Mac
Star VPN is best free VPN for MacOS with no registration and unlimited VPN traffic.
Poslednji put ažurirano 2023-07-15
403 preuzimanja
MinimizeToTray revived for Firefox
Minimizujte aplikacijice za Mozilu na sistemski trej
Poslednji put ažurirano 2023-08-30
369 preuzimanja
Solver for Excel 2011 for Mac
Solver for Excel 2011 on Mac efficiently handles your Excel tasks
Poslednji put ažurirano 2023-07-14
346 preuzimanja
OmniDiskSweeper for Mac
Easily Clear Out Unused Folders And Files.
Poslednji put ažurirano 2023-07-31
322 preuzimanja
Always on Top for Firefox
Drži vaš Fajerfoks brauzer na vrhu drugih prozora
Poslednji put ažurirano 2023-07-20
320 preuzimanja